We help Thai and expats in Thailand to start a company in USA.

Access Stripe and PayPal with an LLC company in Wyoming, New Mexico or Delaware with its own bank account. Prices from $249 for a US company.

Start an online ecommerce company

ThaiUSAcompany.com will help Thai nationals and expats living in Thailand to form and start an LLC company in the USA.

How can you start a company in the US online

It is easy to start an LLC company as a Thai national and gain access to bank accounts, Stripe, PayPal, Wise, Mercury, RelayFi and many other.

You will start the LLC company in the USA with us and everything is done online, you do not need to travel. We recommend the states Wyoming, New Mexico and Delaware thanks to their easy system with Wyoming being number one.


Start online company in the USA with Stripe and PayPal


Sell online

Use your USA LLC company to start an online business and sell online.


Get payments

Connect your LLC company to Stripe, PayPal and many more.


Bank account

Get a USA bank account to your LLC company online.


Easy to setup

Enjoy easy setup and low cost with USA company formation.

Easy USA setup company

Start sell online

Get Stripe & PayPal

Connect your company in Wyoming to Stripe and PayPal so you can receive payments online.

Low setup cost

Wyoming offers low cost and anonymous company register for the owners of the company.

Expand your business

Expand your online business with a company in USA for easy access to new markets and customers.

Start your LLC company in the USA today and expand your business

There are many advantages to setup a company in the USA for Thai nationals and to learn how to expand your online business.